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Statement over beleggingsbeleid GUF14 June 2024
Winnaar VPRO Hackathon maakt dataverzameling inzichtelijk13 June 2024
Nine grants for interdisciplinary PhD research at UG Schools13 June 2024
Universiteit van het Noorden-team in de startblokken voor RDW Self Driving Challenge12 June 2024
School transitions as a fresh start11 June 2024
Hydrogen seeps into nooks and crannies11 June 2024
Swarming around a skyscraper10 June 2024
Figures construction of new houses 2024 available in RUG Construction-monitor (‘Nieuwbouwmonitior’)10 June 2024
Milad Abbasiharofteh: ‘JTS Prize boosted my research’07 June 2024
Aftermovie RUG Lustrum Making Connections06 June 2024
Why are Dutch people so tall?06 June 2024
Wiro Niessen Captain of Science of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health06 June 2024
‘We could not have dreamed of this’06 June 2024
'We’re often amazed about the lack of attention paid to logistics in urban planning.'06 June 2024
Comenius Teaching Fellow grant for Lerch and Bianchi06 June 2024
Researchers Faculty of Law launch new website on the right to protest05 June 2024
‘We can always have a cup of coffee’: impact in the Science Shops05 June 2024
Applying hydrogen in cars or toilets04 June 2024
Making UG impact on Sustainable Development Goals visible04 June 2024
Higher VAT on books also affects access to science04 June 2024
Students study possibilities of self-driving car03 June 2024
Genomineerden EnTranCe Award 2024 bekend03 June 2024
Podcast 'In Science' with Ward Rauws31 May 2024
Honorary doctor Kate Crawford visits House of Connections31 May 2024
‘Onderliggende problemen op gebied van gezondheid niet geadresseerd’30 May 2024
Exam period: in June extra opening hours - UB City Centre UG-only30 May 2024
Making green hydrogen cheaper30 May 2024
Ben Feringa elected member American Philosophical Society30 May 2024
UG/UMCG open access uptake stable at 97%30 May 2024
Veel lof en media-aandacht voor kritisch rapport prof. De Kam over waardedalingsregeling aardbevingsgebied.30 May 2024
European joint Master’s degree programmes are among the top programmes29 May 2024
IPCC calls for nomination of experts to draft outline of the Seventh Assessment Report29 May 2024
University of Groningen frontrunner in green labs movement29 May 2024
First results National Student Survey 202428 May 2024
‘Do not forget children's interests’28 May 2024
NWO Summit grant for research into molecular basis of life28 May 2024
Symposium 'From tensions to opportunities'27 May 2024
UG Makers27 May 2024
European Researchers' Night: 'It gives you a lot of positive energy'27 May 2024
Four honorary doctorates awarded by the UG27 May 2024
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