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Orange the World lights up the Academy Building in orange25 November 2021
Nicholas Q. Emlen has received honorable mention in New Voices Book Prize25 November 2021
Masterstudent Joey Tol wint Robbert Dijkgraaf essayprijs24 November 2021
Ming Cao awarded IEEE Fellow24 November 2021
Universiteiten van Nederland presenteren platform voor Leven Lang Ontwikkelen23 November 2021
Filosofie op het vmbo – filosofie voor álle leerlingen23 November 2021
Open Technology Programme Grant for Wouter Roos23 November 2021
Growing is so much more than height and weight22 November 2021
Dr Saal van Zwanenberg Prize for Julia Alberts22 November 2021
UG course ‘Practical Introduction to Research Methods’ wins ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Award 202122 November 2021
Create an inclusive and safe environment for your international students19 November 2021
Working with LGBTQIA+ youth in the child welfare system19 November 2021
Conflicten in het sociaal domein, te voorkomen of onvermijdelijk?19 November 2021
Prize for Andreas Schmidt for article on Ethics, Leadership, and Public Policy19 November 2021
KNAW Early Career Award for two young UG researchers18 November 2021
University of the North presents its knowledge agenda18 November 2021
Team iGEM Groningen 2021 wins gold medal and 'best environment project'18 November 2021
Nanopores suitable for single-molecule identification and sequencing of complete proteins18 November 2021
Tessa Quax to receive KNAW Early Career Award18 November 2021
New handbook for improving the effectiveness of nature protection rules17 November 2021
Malfunction general telephone number UG17 November 2021
A new way to fight antimicrobial resistance17 November 2021
Boost to atmosphere and image of Zernike Campus16 November 2021
Oxford's Very Short Introductions: trial until 31 december16 November 2021
Does LGBTQIA+ youth in youth care call for a different approach?16 November 2021
Dutch course has unprecedented success16 November 2021
Bachelor Filosofie Groningen: Topopleiding16 November 2021
How to deal with increasing polarization in the Netherlands?15 November 2021
The ‘court photographer’ is retiring: 45 years of UG photography15 November 2021
Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities: ten ‘Top Degree’ Bachelor's programmes at the UG11 November 2021
BSc. Global Responsibility & Leadership best rated bachelor’s programme and number one University College in the Netherlands11 November 2021
New pop-up lounge area at Mercator on Zernike Campus11 November 2021
Theology for tenth time Top Rated Programme!11 November 2021
Boeksymposium ‘Nieuws in beeld’ in UB Groningen11 November 2021
First Mechanical Engineering graduates at UG receive their diplomas09 November 2021
Katherine Stroebe appointed Professor of Social Psychology09 November 2021
Trial EU Law Live09 November 2021
Green hydrogen: indispensable and unifying09 November 2021
Marc Wever wint VAR-Lex Michiels prijs09 November 2021
Helping newcomers find a job? Train the employers!08 November 2021
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