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Purple Friday 202308 December 2023
New book by Todd Weir: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Heritage in Contemporary Europe07 December 2023
UG extends support for chair by special appointment in Lower Saxon/Groningen Language and Culture07 December 2023
Inspiring workshop on Story Mapping: 'The craft of telling a story'07 December 2023
UG 4th most sustainable university on worldwide ranking06 December 2023
UMCG Centrum voor Revalidatie bouwt nieuwe vleugel voor Neurorevalidatie06 December 2023
How do we keep Big Tech in check?05 December 2023
Clashing human rights: how far can demonstrators go?05 December 2023
Samenwerking in deeltijd afstudeerrichting Werk en Zingeving met Emmius School stopt05 December 2023
UG students put themselves on the map with homemade Mars Yard05 December 2023
UB and CMB opening hours: Christmas and New Year and the first week of January 2023 (January 2-8)05 December 2023
Making Connections in Poland through Teaching and Learning Support04 December 2023
AI, innovation & society04 December 2023
Liekuut | Abolishing fossil subsidies offers opportunities04 December 2023
Verkorting opleiding tandheelkunde: ministers negeren negatief advies01 December 2023
'A makerspace at the UG would help enormously'01 December 2023
Astronomers spot giant stream of stars between galaxies30 November 2023
Dutch Higher Education Guide: The UG offers the best Bachelor’s degree programme in the Netherlands30 November 2023
Religion, Diversity and Identity: exploring religion in the city yourself.30 November 2023
UMCG opent nieuwe faciliteit voor microbioomonderzoek 29 November 2023
Northwest German knowledge institutions join forces in Northwest Innovation Area and strengthen their partnership with the University of the North29 November 2023
UG professor Jayawardhana appointed scientific director DISC29 November 2023
Science: more exciting than showbiz28 November 2023
UMCG start eerste onderzoek in Nederland naar toepassing van bacteriofagen28 November 2023
Academy building will turn orange for Orange the World25 November 2023
Invitation to join the 'Applied AI' community23 November 2023
Two Major European grants for Groningen researchers23 November 2023
(W)elke regio telt?21 November 2023
KNAW Early Career Award for Charlotte Knowles21 November 2023
Impact in Focus: ‘Fit en Vaardig’ at the elementary school with Esther Hartman21 November 2023
De woningcrisis is voor velen een van de belangrijkste onderwerpen tijdens deze verkiezingen20 November 2023
Seagrass restoration in the Wadden Sea20 November 2023
Only together can we create child-friendly cities20 November 2023
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