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Department of Economic Geography

Address:Landleven 1
9747 AD Groningen
The Netherlands


Ballas, D., Prof Dr
Professor of Economic Geography
Bouman, dr. L.
Post-doctoral researcher
Broersma, dr. L.
Research Associate
Brouwer, dr. A.E.
Professor by special appointment
Cnossen, F.D., PhD
Postdoc Talent in the Region
Daams, dr. M.N.
Assistant Professor
Duijn, dr. M. van
Assistant Professor Housing Markets & Real Estate
Edzes, dr. A.J.E.
Associate professor
Folmer, prof. dr. H.
Economic Geography (Faculty of Spatial Sciences)
Kam, prof. dr. ir. G.R.W. de
Emeritus Professor of Housing and Landmarkets, with a focus on Housing of the Elderly
Kampen, drs. P.R. van
Deputy director UGNWG
Koster, prof. dr. S.
Adjunct Professor in Economic Geography and Labour Market Dynamics
Liu, X., Dr
Assistant Professor in Real Estate
Mantegazzi, D., Dr
Assistant Professor
Mawhorter, S.L., PhD
Assistant Professor of Housing
McCann, prof. dr. P.
Professor Economic Geography
Nozeman, prof. dr. E.F.
Professor Economic Geography (Faculty of Spatial Sciences)
Pellenbarg, prof. dr. P.H.
Professor Economic Geography (Faculty of Spatial Sciences). Formally retired at June 1st, 2012
Sijtsma, dr. F.J.
Director Rudolf Agricola School for Sustainable Development / Associate Professor Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Tillema, prof. dr. ir. T.
Professor by special appointment in Transport Geography
Venhorst, dr. V.A.
Associate Professor
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