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M. (Milad) Abbasiharofteh, PhD

Assistant Professor
Profile picture of M. (Milad) Abbasiharofteh, PhD


Complex networks | Machine learning | Innovation policy | Geography of Innovation | Geography of Sustainability Transitions 

I have been conducting research on combining the notions of technological change, the evolution of knowledge networks and geography. I have been engaged in developing machine learning techniques to give a better understanding of the interplay of industrial dynamics and micro-forces of knowledge networks (e.g., R&D networks), which brings about innovation and technological change.I am passionate about conducting research on the nexus between ‘geography of innovation’ and ‘data science’. I use newly developed machine learning techniques and alternative data to map and investigate the geography of economic activities, knowledge production, and knowledge relations.
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Contact information

Mercator, Landleven 1, 9747 AD Groningen