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How to find us S. (Shuai) Fang

S. (Shuai) Fang

PhD student
S. (Shuai) Fang


Research project: "Shelter"- Housing and Household Finance
Housing markets are crucial to a nation’s wellbeing. First, housing typically is a household’s largest financial asset that comes with considerable financial risks in terms of negative equity and foreclosure. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, housing provides shelter and safety, being instrumental toschool performance of children and workers’ job market performance. Third, housing (construction)provides a considerable share in GDP and jobs. Lastly, housing relates to land and (public) land assembly which crucially feed into urban planning. All these four dimensions lead to a multitude ofsocietal questions, of which some need urgent consideration (see for instance the Dutch National Research Agenda, Nationale Wetenschapsagenda). This research project aims to consider suchsocietal questions using academic research methods, and is geared towards providing policy-related insights regarding ‘the’ housing market.
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