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Our scientists and the corona crisis

Researchers from the UG are sharing their knowledge and doing extensive research into COVID-19 and the corona crisis from many different angles. Here is a selection of articles about recent research.

Martini Hospital and the UG are working together on innovative application for planning ‘1.5-metre care’ for outpatients

Gynaecologist Marinus van der Ploeg and scheduler Marie-Jos Speelman
Gynaecologist Marinus van der Ploeg and scheduler Marie-Jos Speelman

20 may 2020 When establishing the provision of regular healthcare, the most important starting point is to guarantee patient safety. Martini Hospital wants to help as many patients as possible – but the hospital and waiting rooms should not become too crowded. Martini Hospital and the University of Groningen (UG) are therefore working together to develop an innovative application for planning ‘1.5-metre care’ for outpatients.
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Mortality from the corona pandemic

Foto: Fusion Medical Animation / Unsplash
Foto: Fusion Medical Animation / Unsplash

After the outbreak of the coronavirus we have seen an increase in mortality. How much extra mortality is caused by COVID-19, what is the effect on life expectancy and how does that relate to a (serious) flu epidemic? A preliminary balance.
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Crowdfunding against Corona

Detail poster crowdfunding

01 May 2020 - The corona COVID-19 virus is new and little is known about it, but the answers are near. Knowledge institutions in the Northern Netherlands want to do more to control COVID-19 and ensure that viruses have less impact on our lives now and in the future. The University of Groningen, the UMCG, the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, Lifelines and the NDC media group are calling on help from all over the Netherlands. The Ubbo Emmius Fund (UG) is the initiator of the action 'Crowdfunding against Corona'.
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Large study on happiness among Dutch children and young people

Research program Ieder Kind Is Anders (Every Child Is Different) started

Ieder kind is anders
Ieder kind is anders

29 April 2020 - Dutch children are the happiest children in the world according to UNICEF. At the same time, a large part of the Dutch youth experiences psychological problems. The current measures concerning the coronavirus, such as staying at home for a long period of time and homeschooling, are an extra challenge for many young people and their parents. At first sight, happiness and psychological problems seem to be incompatible. But is that really true?
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Key nose cells identified as likely COVID-19 virus entry points

Human Cell Atlas

23 April 2020 Two specific cell types in the nose have been identified as likely initial infection points for COVID-19 coronavirus. Scientists discovered that goblet and ciliated cells in the nose have high levels of the entry proteins that the COVID-19 virus uses to get into our cells. The identification of these cells by researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University Medical Centre Groningen, University Cote d’Azur and CNRS, Nice and their collaborators, as part of the Human Cell Atlas Lung Biological Network, could help explain the high transmission rate of COVID-19.
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Plea for a future-proof health system

Cor Wagenaar

20 April 2020 - Cor Wagenaar, Professor of History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism focuses on different aspects of urbanism and health. Uniquely, the centre approaches issues from the disciplines of architecture and urbanism, and not from that of public health.

‘Health is not a medical issue. Non-medical factors have a much bigger effect on public health than medical intervention.’ Many of these non-medical factors are related to architecture and urbanism. For example, the integration of the sewage networks, the clean water supply and making the city accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.
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Leadership during the corona crisis

Janka Stoker

Welke impact heeft de coronacrisis op jouw werkomgeving? En op leiders en hun verantwoordelijkheden? Onderzoekers van expertisecentrum In the LEAD en vakblad MT zijn benieuwd naar je mening. Het onderzoek staat onder leiding van hoogleraar leiderschap Janka Stoker. De vragen en stellingen gaan over ervaringen in het werk en specifiek over leiderschap in crisistijd.

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Using location data to control the coronavirus pandemic

Location data

16 April 2020 - There is an increased need for governments to monitor and control the public, which might make it necessary to limit individual freedom. Most prominently, the use of apps to track individuals - which European initiatives such as Pepp-PT are investigating at the moment - promises a ‘quick return to normality’ for the broader population. However, the systematic use of data on this scale has consequences for data protection, privacy and informational self-determination.
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Connecting experts from around the world online


15 april 2020 - The department of Alumni Relations & Fundraising arranged a brainstorm with alumni from Biomedical Engineering, Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and other partners to discuss and share knowledge about the development of low-cost portable ventilators and the associated online training to assemble them.
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Does video calling work when treating psychological illness?

Video call

14 April 2020 - Nu de meeste mensen aan huis gebonden zijn door de Corona-maatregelen, is er een enorme belangstelling voor de behandeling op afstand van veel voorkomende psychische aandoeningen zoals depressies. Maar helpen deze vormen mensen wel bij de behandeling van psychische klachten?
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The psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis

Pontus Leander

7 April 2020 What are the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for our wellbeing? What are people’s thoughts surrounding this pandemic? What are their expectations regarding its future economic consequences? Psychologist Pontus Leander is leading a global psychological study, PsyCorona, into the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.
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Online survey Arie Dijkstra on corona measures opinions


06 April 2020 - Wat vinden mensen eigenlijk van de maatregelen tegen de verspreiding van het coronavirus? Geloven we dat ze werken? Gedragspsycholoog Arie Dijkstra zette razendsnel een online vragenlijst op.
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Major research in the Northern Netherlands into risk factors for coronavirus

Lifelines invitation

30 March 2020 - Large-scale research into the risk factors for the coronavirus COVID-19 is being started in the Northern Netherlands. To this end, around 135,000 Northern residents will receive a weekly questionnaire in the coming period. Head researcher Lude Franke: "With this research, we want to see whether there are differences between the DNA of people who have fallen seriously ill due to the coronavirus and people who have experienced mild symptoms."
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National portal with COVID-19 expertise Social Sciences and Humanities


30 March 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has already affected the way we live, learn and work. These changes have deep short- and medium-term impact to individuals, groups and to society as a whole. SSH COVID-19 portal aims to consolidate and organize the Social Science and Humanities expertise across the Dutch universities in a publicly available national portal, ensuring fast and direct access to academic experts.
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UG and UMCG researchers investigate corona inhaler

Eric Frijlink

20 March 2020 - UG and UMCG researchers are investigating the possibility of administering an existing drug that may be effective against the coronavirus via an inhaler. In the coming period they will test this on healthy individuals. It concerns two existing drugs against malaria.
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Overview scientific resources on Coronavirus


20 March 2020 - To make it easier for you to find scientific information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Central Medical Library has compiled an overview of resources intended for care and research.
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Coronavirus breaking the law?

Adriaan Wierenga

16 March 2020 - What emergency measures can we, as a municipality, implement? Can we requisition buildings to quarantine people there? Do we have the power to cancel events? As a mayor, am I authorized to make these decisions? These are just some of the questions that Adriaan Wierenga (Emergency Law) has received over the last few days from mayors and heads of security regions.
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RUG economists discuss the corona crisis #2

RUG economists discuss the corona crisis

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