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UG and UMCG researchers investigate corona inhaler

20 March 2020

UG and UMCG researchers are investigating the possibility of administering an existing drug that may be effective against the coronavirus via an inhaler. In the coming period they will test this on healthy individuals.

It concerns two existing drugs against malaria. The team has processed the powders in such a way that they can be administered via an inhaler. The idea is that breathing in the powder will protect the lungs against the coronavirus. This is important because the virus enters the body mainly through the lungs.

Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy Erik Frijlink is one of the researchers. He emphasizes that it will take a long time before the drug can be used. And before that happens, tests have to be performed. If it works, the drug can be used to protect healthcare workers according to Frijlink. That way they will run less risk of infection when working with infected patients. This can prevent disruption of the healthcare system.

Prof. Frijlink and his group specialize in inhalers for administrating medicines and vaccines into the lungs. Because the coronavirus is transmitted via the lungs, an inhaler could be a suitable method for administering the drug. Since the corona outbreak, Prof. Frijlink’s group has been developing inhalers containing various drugs that may work against the virus. They are working together with researchers from the UMCG and PureIMS, a company that produces inhalers.

Erik Frijlink Photo: Ferdy Damman/Hollandse Hoogte
Erik Frijlink Photo: Ferdy Damman/Hollandse Hoogte
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