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Lucas Haitsma

Starting my LLM programme in Governance and Law in Digital Society

Date:19 October 2020

When looking for an LLM program, I was looking for one that that I could tailor to my interests, as well as offer some working experience. During my bachelor’s degree in International and European Law and my first master’s degree in Global Criminal Law, I...

Nel Anna Krzeslowska

Starting My LLB From Abroad During Covid

Date:13 October 2020

Even though my studies have begun online, ironically, online is where I heard about my programme; I found it through Google. I have a huge appreciation for international aspects we experience on a daily basis and the developments of globalisation, so I...

Sara Turkova

Online Education: The New Normal?

Date:01 July 2020

Over the past few months, we have witnessed an interesting transformation across the world. And this pretty unexpected change has affected education too. One day, we were all at school presenting our papers in class, and the next day the gates of the...


What is it like to study online? The experiences of Samuele

Date:10 June 2020

Following the Dutch government’s decision, on 12th March 2020, to have all in-person university education in the Netherlands cancelled, the University of Groningen adopted prompt responses by closing down all university premises and by switching to online...


Hoe is het om online te studeren? De ervaringen van student Sander

Date:02 June 2020

Sinds de persconferentie van donderdag 12 maart ligt het fysieke academische leven in Groningen stil. De woorden van minister-president Rutte die donderdag waren duidelijk: grootschalige hoorcolleges mochten niet meer fysiek plaatsvinden, maar moesten...

Thuis aan de studie!

Hoe is het om online te studeren? De ervaringen van Berber

Date:28 May 2020

Om 8 uur gaat je wekker. Zoals de meeste ochtenden ligt het ook nu weer net iets te lekker. Die Netflix aflevering leek gisteravond een goed idee, maar je had dat extra uurtje slaap toch best kunnen gebruiken. Je moet toch echt uit bed, want om 9 uur...


International Health Law

Date:27 May 2020

To what extent are governments free to take measures in response to COVID-19? Should governments prioritize the protection of their citizens’ health and therefore restrict individual rights strictly? Can governments, for instance, restrict my right to...

Postcard of Ljubljana, view from PreŇ°eren Square to Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana, Slovenia: The Underrated Beauty

Date:05 February 2020

Before I moved to Slovenia for my exchange, I had never been there. Despite that, as a Slovakian, I was usually mistaken for being a Slovenian (yes, I know it can be confusing). That was also one of the reasons why I chose Ljubljana, Slovenia for my...

Studying law

A First Year LLB Student’s Experiences Through Examinations at the RuG

Date:19 January 2020

The mention of the word ‘exam’ sends shivers down the spines of all students. But for a law student, it is a special kind of shiver that brings with it the uncontrollable urge to run through the streets screaming at the top of your lungs. But don’t worry...

Aan de slag in het Harmoniegebouw

Het Paralegalproject: mijn ervaringen bij de sectie Handelsrecht

Date:10 January 2020
Meemaken hoe het is om te werken in de academische wereld. Mijn juridische vaardigheden verbeteren. Werken aan een project en werkervaring opdoen. Dat waren mijn verwachtingen toen ik vorig studiejaar solliciteerde voor het paralegalproject. Inmiddels ben ik al enkele maanden wekelijks als paralegal bij de sectie Handelsrecht te vinden. In deze blog vertel ik wat meer over mijn ervaringen. Zijn mijn verwachtingen uitgekomen?