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Introduction to Dutch law

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How does the Dutch legal system work? What exactly is law, and where can you find it? In the online course 'Introduction to Dutch Law' of the Faculty of Law, these questions are dealt with. The course can now be followed all year round. After you register, you will receive free access to the course material for five weeks.

A basic knowledge of law

Visible or invisible: law is all around us. It regulates almost every aspect of our society, so it is well worth having some basic knowledge of it. The Faculty of Law is sharing that basic knowledge through this course.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • explain what ‘law’ is based on its functions, sources and classification;
  • distinguish between different areas of law;
  • locate and analyse legislation and decisions of judges at an elementary level;
  • look up legislation and court decisions and analyse them at elementary level;
  • solve basic legal problems and justify the solution using articles of law and court rulings.

Work at your own pace

Using videos, articles, practice questions and discussions, participants are taught the basics of law. The course consists of five teaching weeks, during which you will spend about three hours each week studying the material. Alternatively, it is possible to spend less or more time: you can work through the course material at your own pace with breaks after each section.

Registration and participation

You can register for the course at any time after which you will have access to the course material for five weeks. Is the Introduction to Dutch Law course something for you? Click the button below and start your course today!

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