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Open lectures

Those who need to improve, deepen or update their knowledge of an aspect of law have the option of taking part in regular lectures on a contract basis without having to be enrolled as a student. You can take course units of your choice alongside the regular students.

What are open lectures?

The Faculty provides teaching within different degree programmes for its regular students. The Faculty offers students a total of some 325 different course units. Normally, you would need to be enrolled as a full- or part-time student at the University in order to take part in these course units. Enrolment entitles you to take all the course units on offer. If, however, you wish to attend classes in just one or a few course units, you can enrol in them as a ‘contract student’.

Who are open lectures intended for?

Everyone is regularly confronted with the effects of the law – as a consumer, employee, patient, entrepreneur, citizen, etc. If you are interested in the law’s impact on society and on yourself, open lectures are a rich source on which to draw. Moreover, taking one or more course units may help you in your profession or specialization, to return to the workforce or to gain access to legal professions. You will find more information in the brochure.

How is the academic year divided up?

The structure of the academic year is clearly outlined in the academic calendar.

What is the registration procedure?

Open Lectures, entrance Uurwerkersgang
Open Lectures, entrance Uurwerkersgang
  • The brochure contains more information about modes of instruction, as well as a description of more than 175 course units.
  • If you want to take course units for the purposes of ‘civil effect’, you should first contact the study advisor.
  • If you have previously been enrolled as a pre-Master’s student, we recommend that you first schedule an appointment with a study advisor. Call the Law Information Desk to make the appointment.
  • Open the registration form (Dutch) in Google Chrome (it doesn’t work on a tablet or phone), fill it in online (including p. 2), print it and sign it (unfortunately, this cannot be done online because of automatic authorization), scan it and email it to H. Hofman.
  • Hand-written registration forms cannot be processed.

Info regarding academic year 2021 -2022 is online no later than 15 August, from that date you can register.

Registration deadline for 2020-2021 academic year:

  • Block 1 before 20 August
  • Block 2 before 14 October
  • Block 3 before 06 January
  • Block 4 before 18 March

Entrance requirements for participation in tutorials/examination and open lectures

Participation in Bachelor’s course units:

  • Completed Bachelor or Master of Law (from a university)
  • Completed Bachelor of Law (from a university of applied sciences)

Participation in Master’s course units:

  • Completed Master of Law (from a university)
  • Maximum 2 optional/compulsory course units from one degree programme


  • Civil law 2 as part of Bachelor of Law (at a university of applied sciences), provided the propaedeutic phase of the university of applied sciences has been achieved

A different policy applies to some of the course units aimed specifically at non-lawyers. These course units can be taken by participants who have earned a propaedeutic phase at a university of applied sciences or at a university (as a minimum).

This relates to the following course units:

  • Administrative law for non-lawyers
  • Information technology law for non-lawyers
  • Introduction to political science
  • Introduction to law for non-lawyers
  • Introduction to criminal law for non-lawyers
  • Private law for non-lawyers

Other requirements (such as a compulsory prerequisite) may be imposed in addition to the admission requirements in the course unit description.

You are always entitled to attend lectures in a course unit, regardless of your previous qualifications.

Where can you find up-to-date information?

If you are registered as a contract student, we recommend that you regularly consult our Law Knowledgebase (for regular students), which contains all the general information about Faculty of Law degree programmes. It also explains how the Faculty organizes its teaching and assessment and provides important information on matters such as the academic calendar, lecture timetable, timetable changes, exam timetable etc. You should contact the department for information about the literature for a course unit.

Useful links

Open the registration form in Google Chrome, fill it in online (including p. 2), print it and sign it (unfortunately, this cannot be done online because of automatic authorization), scan it and email it to H. Hofman.

Overview of open lecture courses


Lecture timetable (make sure you select the correct academic year)

Academic calendar

Center for Information Technology

Ordering procedure for readers/syllabi


Exam timetable, lecture timetable & academic calendar locations

Teaching/Exam locations

Department contact details


You can address your questions to H. Hofman, contact person of the open lectures in Law.

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