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Code of Conduct lecture recordings

Code of Conduct

Facilitating and providing lecture recordings is a service offered by the Faculty of Law, to which a code of conduct applies for students.


As soon as the student applies for access using the online application form, the Faculty will process the request.

If recordings are made for courses, the recordings of the lectures are published five working days before the (resit) examination. This does not apply to courses in year 1, with the exception of the 10 ECTS course in block 4.

Intellectual property rights

It is not allowed for students to disclose, multiply and/or distribute lecture recordings of which the Faculty of Law holds the rights, regardless of the form in which the lecture recordings have been saved, without written consent of the rights holder.


Permission to access to the lecture recordings is solely granted on an individual basis. Using somebody else’s account or rights of access can, as with violating the intellectual property rights, lead to the exclusion of any further access to lecture recordings. The exclusion of access will remain in place for two teaching blocks.

(Technical) issues

The Faculty of Law will strive to make the lecture recordings available in BrightSpace no later than the next working day.

The Faculty accepts no liability for malfunctions or other causes, which lead to the impossibility to make lecture recordings available.

Last update on 21-7-2023

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