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Language preparation


If you plan to go on exchange, it is essential to start well in advance with the language preparations. Students are strongly advised to start language preparations at least 1 year before they apply for an exchange, so that they have more than basic knowledge of the language in question before they start their studies at the host university. Experience has shown that students who start to learn the language in the same year they will study abroad, will have serious problems in following the lectures / courses and eventually gaining the necessary credits.

If there are any specific language requirements they can be found in the important remark box with the university in IESE .

Language requirements for outside Europe

All partner universities outside Europe require an official language test, you need to upload the result of your language test with your online application. For universities with English taught education only a valid TOEFL or IELTS test is accepted (the online result from TOEFL or IELTS is sufficient if validated by the International Office). For more information on the test requirement for universities in Argentina, Aruba and Mexico please contact the International Office.

The partner universities require different result for the language tests. Always check IESE what result the university of your choice requires.

If you have to make a TOEFL or IELTS test check their websites and make an appointment in time. We need the result of this test before the deadline of application. With exception of the DELE, it is not possible to hand in test results after the deadline.

Language requirements at the moment of application and before departure for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal
  • completed language proficiency course for the language in question (minimum level B2)
  • show that you are almost finishing a course for B2 level before application;
  • evidence of course registration or a certificate of language proficiency must be submitted with the application;
  • before departure a language level of C1 is expected, to be proven by submitting an official language test (Tests from the Language Centre are accepted).

N.B. Some of the partner universities in these countries offer a limited range of courses taught in English. Even if law students intend to take only law courses offered in English, they will still have to meet the language requirements stated above. No exceptions possible.

Language courses and tests

The University of Groningen offers language courses at all levels in all languages of the EU. Information is available at the Language Centre.

Most universities have language courses for students from abroad. This sort of course is insufficient if you have no (or very little) knowledge of the language in question.

More information on the specific tests can be found on:

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