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Going on exchange (for current students)

There are still some spots available for the exchange in 2024/25! Contact Exchange Office for more information. Late applications are accepted until 30 April 2024!

The last info sessions for the students selected in the Law Exchnage Programme will be held on :

1 May 2024 at 17:00 in the Lokinzaal (for students going outside of Europe and to the UK )

8 May 2024 at 13:00 in the Lokinzaal (for students going inside of Europe)

Would you like to go on exchange in the academic year 2025/26?

1st year LLB students, you can find the slides from your mandatory info session held in February here: LLB Exchange. Questions? Come to my office hours!

Tina van Tellingen

Deadlines for outgoing exchange during the academic year 2025-2026
1 February 2025
study abroad (exchange) outside Europe
1 March 2026
study abroad (exchange) within Europe (including UK)

All general information on the participating universities and their specific requirements can be found on

International Exchange Search Engine - IESE

Students taking part in the exchange programmes generally benefit from the following:
  • exemption from enrolment/registration fees and tuition fees at the host university;
  • recognition of credits earned abroad (subject to approval by the Board of Examiners);
  • a contribution towards travel and accommodation costs (grant).

In addition, a number of universities provide language courses. This may be an intensive/’crash’ course before the start of the term in question, or a course lasting for the duration of your time at the host university.

A study period abroad can be a valuable experience for a number of reasons:
  • your command of the language of the country in question will improve immensely;
  • you will come into contact with the culture of a different country, a different way of life;
  • you will have the opportunity to learn about a different legal system and legal culture;
  • you will learn another legal language;
  • it offers the opportunity to begin an international network of contacts, which can be very useful for your future career;
  • it can make all the difference on the employment market.
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