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More micro-grids expertise for Groningen

07 March 2014

Four PhD students will take part in a joint research project on smart grids in cooperation with the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. The project, Energy Management Strategies for Interconnected Smart Microgrids, is led by Prof. Arjan van der Schaft (of the Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science) and Claudio De Persis (of the Research Institute of Technology and Management) in the Netherlands and Prof. Harish Pillai in India.

Two PhD students will work in the Netherlands and two will research micro and smart grids for a neighbourhood or village in India. The research will be devoted to the mathematical modelling and control of interconnected AC and DC microgrids, using a multi-physics systems approach. Balancing supply and demand as well as allowing the network to function at maximum capacity in a stable manner requires a fundamental understanding of the interplay between physical power network dynamics and advanced control.

The project is funded by the Dutch Top Sector Energy as part of the NWO-DST Smart Grids program.

Recently another Groningen research project in smart grids, ENBARK, received a NWO grant. The NWO-programme Uncertainty Reduction in Smart Energy Systems (Topsector Energy) awarded EUR 600.000 to develop a new approach for the modeling, analysis and control of smart grids based on energy functions.

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