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Five questions about cinematic beauty22 May 2023
Secondary school pupil from Haarlem wins 2023 Dutch Language and Culture Olympiad16 May 2023
Liekuut: ‘Take pupils seriously and Dutch will flourish again’15 May 2023
The Career Minor: translating knowledge to practice15 May 2023
Human or machine: who is the best translator?09 May 2023
Book on the archaeological treasure troves of Friesland08 May 2023
Language for the future02 May 2023
Bert Groenewoudt Professor by special appointment in Ecological Landscape History25 April 2023
The Spraaklab is coming your way this summer!25 April 2023
Grief is not unique03 April 2023
More Jewish residents of five Groningen municipalities killed than previously estimated: 90%09 March 2023
Iran has a long history of feminist resistance07 March 2023
Language as a form of therapy07 March 2023
Women in the spotlight in new Greek myths28 February 2023
How a troll army is disseminating the Kremlin’s war rhetoric21 February 2023
Exhibition: Arab Orthodox Christians, Nationalism and the ‘Holy Land’10 February 2023
Major European grant for Ana Guerberof Arenas and Tina Kretschmer31 January 2023
An evening with ChatGPT23 January 2023
Can we crack the code of effective learning at the university of Groningen?13 January 2023
New podcast episode with Robert Prey on music streaming platforms20 December 2022
Léonie de Jonge appointed member of the KNAW Young Academy13 December 2022
Archaeology PhD students apply Nobel Prize-winning DNA research08 December 2022
European grant for research on informal economies29 November 2022
Constructief gesprek RUG en DINGtiid over toekomst Fries aan de universiteit28 November 2022
Voters punish local politicians for their corruption, private scandals, and professional failures28 November 2022
UG to receive a chair by special appointment for Local Public Broadcasting24 November 2022
UG study sheds new light on extremism in Northern Netherlands23 November 2022
ERC grant for research into the influence of streaming services on the music industry22 November 2022
How human prejudices sneak their way into computer programmes21 November 2022
Grant for VR headset teaching children about climate change in polar region17 November 2022
Polarization: from resistance to connection14 November 2022
Grant for popular science book on classical retellings09 November 2022
Trying to master a language? Practising works better than studying a lot08 November 2022
Federico Pianzola receives ERC Starting Grant20 October 2022
Press release: The UG invests in collaboration for the study of Frisian language and culture19 October 2022
Arts activities during Zpannend Zernike and EU Researchers Night28 September 2022
Impact Award and the Public Prize for English Academy for Newcomers20 September 2022
Who were the readers of the Middle Ages?13 September 2022
Arts festival: science, stories, music and more13 September 2022
Erasmus+ subsidy for women’s voices in music09 September 2022
Diaries offer unique insight into life and work of Ted Kennedy05 September 2022
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