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Impact Award and the Public Prize for English Academy for Newcomers20 September 2022
Who were the readers of the Middle Ages?13 September 2022
Arts festival: science, stories, music and more13 September 2022
Erasmus+ subsidy for women’s voices in music09 September 2022
Diaries offer unique insight into life and work of Ted Kennedy05 September 2022
Alumnus of the Year Iris de Graaf29 August 2022
A mitred prelate riding a sow22 August 2022
Bettina Reitz-Joosse receives ERC Starting Grant13 July 2022
Nederlandse wetenschappelijke poolexpeditie onder leiding RUG klaar voor vertrek13 July 2022
Joost Keizer new vice-dean Faculty of Arts05 July 2022
European funding for network meetings on illicit trade04 July 2022
Research on how tourists become Antarctic ambassadors04 July 2022
Early modern Bible readers were critical and created their own ideal Bible16 June 2022
Culture? Ask young people14 June 2022
UG-linguist in science competition finals09 June 2022
Ben Feringa Impact Award awarded to Michelle Bruijn and to a student team from the Faculty of Arts25 May 2022
Nominations 2022 Gratama Science Award (UG) announced23 May 2022
Comenius grant supports educational innovation with multilingual language teaching approach23 May 2022
Poolonderzoeker Loonen (RUG) vertrekt naar Spitsbergen in aanloop grote Nederlandse poolexpeditie18 May 2022
EU grant for knowledge enhancement on contemporary China17 May 2022
Ecologist Loonen to travel to ever-changing Spitsbergen for the thirty-fifth summer16 May 2022
The importance and appeal of the digital medieval manuscript09 May 2022
Zef Hemel appointed professor at the UG and TU Delft21 April 2022
Consortium investigates the development of chat technology12 April 2022
Rector Magnificus Cisca Wijmenga opens Faculty of Arts' Collaboratories08 April 2022
If you want to know what Standard Dutch sounds like, listen to Astrid Kersseboom05 April 2022
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