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Groundbreaking Work

@University of Groningen

Groundbreaking News

Road closure on part of Oude Boteringestraat on Monday 13 March08 March 2023
Building plans Healthy Ageing Campus: information market 24 January18 January 2023
University of Groningen to bring together key parties for networking, knowledge exchange, and outreach in Groot Handelshuis21 October 2022
New accommodation for University College Groningen at Bloemsingel will be designed by Elephant / Taller29 September 2022
New Law Faculty building named after Bernard Röling16 September 2022
Renovation for Faculty of Law reaches highest point08 September 2022
Festive opening of new UG research station 'De Herdershut' on Schiermonnikoog28 August 2022
Open Day field station 'De Herdershut' Schiermonnikoog, Saturday 27 August22 July 2022
'Dag van de Bouw' at Feringa Building attracts 400 visitors20 June 2022
More space for padel and beach volleyball through redesign of front area ACLO Sports Centre13 June 2022
Visit UG building projects Feringa Building and Faculty of Law on Saturday 18 June03 June 2022
'Bestuursgebouw' is empty for the start of the renovation [VIDEO and PHOTOS]16 May 2022
Contractor starts realisation of new patio for future Faculty of Law building12 April 2022
Name revealed and construction started: Anda Kerkhoven Centre on Healthy Ageing Campus18 March 2022
Divertions Oude Boteringestraat: 21 and 22 March crane construction for renovation Faculty of Law11 March 2022
Construction Faculty of Law: scaffolds, construction fences and tower crane in March14 February 2022
Growth on Campus visualised: Coenraad Bron Center has 'Capital Steps'11 February 2022
Construction work for Faculty of Law starts with handing over of 'poem stone' Kopland12 January 2022
Renovation of Oude Boteringestraat 18 into Faculty of Law starts in January23 December 2021
Feringa Building | first façade panels applied + timelapse video construction year 202121 December 2021
Name of UG's new data center refers to 'Source of knowledge'16 December 2021
UG, Hanze and ACLO sign agreement to make new Sports Center possible13 December 2021
Presentation design new Educational Centre (video available)22 November 2021
New pop-up lounge area at Mercator on Zernike Campus11 November 2021
RUG HPC Datacenter on Zernike Campus Groningen completed20 September 2021
UG presents design for new Education Centre on the Healthy Ageing Campus03 September 2021
Relocation of main entrance Medical Sciences and Pharmacy as of 30 August26 August 2021
Extra chemical lab facilities put into use by CBBC and Stratingh Institute08 July 2021
Entrance to Zernike Campus gets green and attractive park06 July 2021
Welcome to the renewed Duisenberg pond29 June 2021
Reminder: evening closure of Linnaeusborg on Friday 4 June 202131 May 2021
Smart constructing of Feringa Building (video)25 May 2021
Renovation of the bus interchange Zernike as of 19 May11 May 2021
UG awards construction Cleanrooms for new Feringa Building to Kelvin Reinraumsysteme GmbH10 May 2021
Detour Paddepoelsterweg from Monday 12 April09 April 2021
Design finalized for the new Faculty of Law location in former public library11 March 2021
Photo update Datacenter: facade cladding with gold lining05 March 2021
Photo update construction of Feringa Building | February 202126 February 2021
New ‘Herdershut’ on Schiermonnikoog reaches high point by addition of bird observation post24 February 2021
UG's new data centre reaches highest point19 January 2021
New schedule for disconnecting the building ventilation system in the Linnaeusborg13 November 2020
Closure part Zernikelaan due to upgrade bus lane09 November 2020
Bus stops Nijenborgh and Zernikepein closed between 28-30 October22 October 2020
Feringa Building rises above ground25 September 2020
Construction work on the Zernikelaan between Kadijk and De Mudden until 14 November24 September 2020
First foundation pile for new Data centre UG into the ground18 September 2020
New building for the UG field station ‘De Herdershut’ on Schiermonnikoog14 September 2020
Groundbreaking Work

@University of Groningen

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