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Groundbreaking Work
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Groundbreaking Work Projects Linnaeusborg


In the Linnaeusborg building, work on the creation of extra chemical lab facilities for the ARC Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) and the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry (Stratingh Institute) is in full swing. The ventilation system is also undergoing a major upgrade, which will provide for a potential 40% increase in the building’s air conditioning capacity.

Completion of the internal renovation project is scheduled for mid-2021. Over an eighteen-month period, the Linnaeusborg will have acquired 51 additional fume cupboards and 26 additional under-bench cabinets, each fitted with an extraction system. Not only will the ventilation system be able to extract an additional 100,000 m3 of polluted air per hour above the original 200,000 m3 per hour but the new Menerga air handling units will also be more energy efficient. The new fume cupboards will use up to 20,000 m3 less air per hour than conventional fume cupboards since they operate on the basis of intelligent demand-controlled ventilation and have auto-close vents.

Complex space redistribution plan
A complex plan has been set in motion to redistribute the available internal space on the eighth and ninth floors of the Linnaeusborg building so that extra research and practical laboratories can be created.

Renovation team
The renovation work is being carried out by ENGIE Services Noord (installation technology), Van Wijnen (construction) and Wesemann (lab design) together with a small number of sub-contractors and the University of Groningen Facility Organisation.

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