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Groundbreaking Work

@University of Groningen
Groundbreaking Work Projects Linnaeusborg

Sequence and schedule

Below is an overview of the construction work scheduled to take place on the eighth and ninth floors of the Linnaeusborg.

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Nuisance: what, where and when?

Construction work in

Period / date

Anticipated disruption

Lab spaces in 5172 & 5173
See list

24 Sept 2020
05.00-09.00 hours

Voltage (230V socket outlets and power outlets) temporarily switched off in laboratory rooms.
Lighting continues to function.

5172, 8th floor:
- cordoning off the area under construction (corridors 0849-0869)

- cordoning off the area under construction (corridors 0874-0880)

July – Sept 2020

These corridor zones (see floor plan below) will be out of bounds to staff members. Staff members will be redirected via routes marked with arrows.

5172, 8th floor:
- removal of furniture from 0849/0855 and 0863/0865/0869

July – Sept 2020

Some of the lab furniture will be moved to other labs and to 0879. The rest will be stored temporarily in the corridor zones or removed.

5172, 8th floor:
- toilet on south side and staircase exit on south side closed to staff members

July – Sept 2020

Some of the lab furniture will be moved to other labs and to 0879. The rest will be temporarily stored in the corridor zones or removed.

5172, 8th floor:
- preparation of 0883/0865/0869 for use by GBB/Chemical Biology 1

July – Sept 2020

Any disruption arising from renovation work being carried out in the labs is expected to be minimal.

5172, 9th floor:
- not accessible via staircase on south side

July – Sept 2020

Staff access will be via the north side only.

Minimization of disruption & Contact
It will not be possible to avoid disruption altogether but we will do all we can to keep it to a minimum.

The following steps will be taken to minimize disruption:

  • The most disruptive work will be carried out during the quietest periods (holidays or off-peak hours)
  • Whenever possible, internal transport will take place before 9 a.m.
  • Wherever possible, use will be made of fixed transport routes in the building (including use of the same lift)
  • henever possible, construction areas will be cordoned off to separate staff members from construction workers (also to facilitate compliance with coronavirus restrictions)
  • Use of radios will not be permitted
  • Regular updates will be issued about anticipated disruption via the website, the occupational health and environment contact person (AMV coordinator) and/or your secretariat
  • A round-the-clock contact service point will be available via reception (see below)


If you have a question or something you wish to report, please send an email to


Below is a broad overview of the renovation work that has already been completed on the eighth and ninth floors of the Linnaeusborg building and the work still pending.

Phase 1 (completed)

Phase 1

Over the last few months, the building team has been hard at work creating extra chemical lab facilities for the ARC Chemical Building Blocks Consortium (ARC CBBC) and the Stratingh Institute. On the ninth floor of building 5172, the first phase has now been completed. There are now two new labs, equipped with eighteen fume cupboards and eight under-bench cabinets for fixed workstations. The ventilation system has also undergone a major upgrade, providing for a potential 40% increase in the building’s air conditioning capacity.

Phase 2 (July 2020 - April 2021)

Phase 2

The second and last project phase will include renovation work on the eighth floor, where existing practical laboratories will be converted into biochemical laboratories for the Chemical Biology 1 (GBB) group and the Stratingh Institute. This will create space on the ninth floor for the creation of the last three chemical laboratories for ARC CBBC. So, in this phase, a total of five new labs will be created with 33 fume cupboards and 18 under-bench cabinets on the eighth and ninth floors, for use by the Stratingh Institute and ARC CBBC.

Expansion of air filter system capacity
The capacity of the ventilation ducts will be further expanded and extra air handling units will be added to the ventilation system on the north side. In order to make the necessary changes to the ventilation system safely, the building will probably have to be closed for a short period towards the end of 2020. Further information will become available in due course.

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