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PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2020 for Prof. Fraternali

27 August 2020

Prof. Filippo Fraternali of the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute has been awarded the PhD Supervisor of the Year Award 2020. From 2018 onwards, the GSSE PhD Council, in collaboration with the sounding board, annually awards the PhD Supervisor of the Year Award within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Prof. Fraternali
Prof. Fraternali

The winner has been announced in July, during an online ceremony hosted by the PhD Council. Next to Prof. Filippo Fraternali, the top four nominees consisted of Dr. Kerstin Bunte (Bernoulli Institute), Prof. Jan Komdeur (GELIFES) and Prof. Lucy Avraamidou (ISEC).

A picture of Fraternali will soon join that of Prof. Jan Anton Koster and Prof. Reinoud Gosens in the PhD Supervisor’s hall of fame, in the Faculty Room in the Bernoulliborg.

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