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Conference: Evolution of Social Behaviour

When:Mo 29-01-2018
Where:Room Omega

Conference organized by Jan-Willem Romeijn and Hannah Rubin (Department of Theoretical Philosophy). Confirmed speakers: Brian Skyrms (Irvine), Cailin O'Connor (Irvine), Jonathan Birch (LSE), Joeri Witteveen (Utrecht), Charlotte Hemelrijk (Groningen).

How do organisms learn to communicate and cooperate? Why do they help others even when it is potentially costly for their own reproductive success? Why do human social groups arrive at particular norms governing behavior? This conference will discuss explanations of how these, and other social behaviors, evolve. This conference will be of particular interest to philosophers of biology and researchers working on evolutionary and/or philosophical analyses of the emergence of cooperation and social norms. Programme, abstracts and registration procedure