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Those who do something wrong, deserve punishment. Right?
Posted on:21 May 2024

When exactly is someone responsible for their actions? And is punishment always the most constructive option? Philosopher Daphne Brandenburg argues for a little bit more nuance. According to her, we should pay more attention to the way in which we deal with children who do something that is not allowed. That can teach us a lot about how to hold adults responsible. And that might very well make the world a nicer place.

Join the 'Language and AI' community
Posted on:11 December 2023

As a part of the Jantina Tammes School, the 'Language and AI' theme is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to encourage collaboration among academics, PhD candidates, students, and industry representatives who share a keen interest in the intersection of language and artificial intelligence.

KNAW Early Career Award for Charlotte Knowles
Posted on:21 November 2023

Charlotte Knowles , researcher at the Faculty of Philosophy, receives an Early Career Award from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences ( KNAW ). She receives the award for her research on deep-rooted issues in gender dynamics. The award is intended for young researchers in the Netherlands who have innovative, original research ideas.

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