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Exercise and Aporia in Plato's Parmenides

When:We 02-11-2016 15:15 - 17:00
Where:room Omega

Lecture by Darren Gardner (New School for Social Research / Groningen), organized by the Department of the History of Philosophy.

The hypotheses in Plato's Parmenides, fascinating and seemingly obscure, are subject of various interpretations: some argue that they present Plato's late ontology, or emphasize a transition away from an earlier view of forms (e.g. Ryle, Rist, Kahn, Meinwald); some argue that the hypotheses are ironic (Taylor, Rosen); and others, following the neoplatonic tradition, emphasize the eminence of the "one" of the first hypothesis (Proclus, Plotinus). In this lecture, I argue that....(continue reading...)