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Julien Murzi: Instability and Revenge

When:Th 10-09-2015 15:15 - 17:00
Where:Room Gamma

Lecture by Julien Murzi (Salzburg), organized by Grolog

Contraction-free approaches to semantic paradox recommend a restriction of the structural rule of contraction (SContr), that if Γ, φ, φ ⊢ ψ, then Γ, φ ⊢ ψ. They make for a unified solution to the semantic paradoxes: one that extends to the recently much-discussed paradoxes of naïve validity (Shapiro, 2011; Beall and Murzi, 2013; Murzi, 2014; Field, 2014). Contraction-free approaches face a twofold challenge. They must...(continue reading...)