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John Horty: Developing Default Theory as a Theory of Reasons

Lecture organized by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
15.15 - 17.00

On Wednesday, 25 May, John Horty (University of Maryland) will visit our faculty and talk about his recent work aimed at developing default logic as a theory of reasons and their interaction, with applications in ethics and in epistemology. He will go quickly through some of the basic ideas, so that we can concentrate on new issues and open problems.


John Horty

In his ground-breaking Agency and Deontic Logic (Oxford University Press 2001), Horty redefined the field of deontic logic, combining insights from the logic of agency and decision theory.

John Horty is a Professor in the Philosophy Department and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) at the University of Maryland, as well as an Affiliate Professor in the Computer Science Department. He is the author of Agency and Deontic Logic (Oxford, 2001) and Frege on Definitions (Oxford, 2007) as well as papers on a variety of topics in logic, philosophy, and computer science; he is currently an Editor of the Journal of Philosophical Logic.  

John Horty effectively develops deontic logic (the logic of ethical concepts like obligation and permission) against the background of a formal theory of agency. He incorporates certain elements of decision theory to set out a new deontic account of what agents ought to do under various conditions over extended periods of time. Offering a conceptual rather than technical emphasis, Horty's framework allows a number of recent issues from moral theory to be set out clearly and discussed from a uniform point of view.


Homepage of Professor John Horty  

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