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Giorgi Tadumadze (Georgia)

Giorgi Tadumadze has studied Philosophy for three years at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia, before coming to Groningen as a BA exchange student.

Giorgi Tadumadze
Giorgi Tadumadze
Analytical approach

Having studied Philosophy in Tbilisi, Georgia, where the philosophy tradition is mainly shaped through authors from the continental school, and having attended lectures of numerous German-speaking professors of philosophy, I wanted to try a quite different, namely, analytic approach to Philosophy. On the one hand, I was keen to study various directions of analytic philosophy, but on the other, I wanted to re-approach some already very well-known authors, e.g. Kant, from the analytic point of view. So, as analytic tradition is very strong in Groningen, I have chosen to study as an exchange student in Groningen.

Strongly recommended

You can choose a lot of exciting and amazing courses in English. The bachelor’s programme for international students is called ‘Philosophy of a specific discipline’. For prospective MA students there is indeed a very attractive and research-oriented master’s programme taught completely in English. I would strongly recommend everyone who is interested in methodical study and research of Philosophy to gain experience in Groningen.

Sympathetic staff

I should also point out how smart our Student Portal is: Besides your course schedule and materials uploaded on the portal, you are given an opportunity—through job and internship offers related to your particular programme—to plan and take up your career. And last but not least, it is really a pleasure to be in contact with very symphathetic staff of the Philosophy Faculty Office, the Mobility and Scholarship Desk, and the International Service Desk.

Two distinctive aspects: structure and method

The University of Groningen stands out from other universities by its institutional structure and methodical knowledge. Here you will immediately see a very close correspondence between what a lecturer presents during a lecture, what reading or writing assignments you have to prepare and how you are being examined at the end of a course. And every subsequent course is built on the previous one. Moreover, the language that lecturers use to explain different theories and concepts is very transparent and unambiguous—you will hardly see any obscurity here.

I immediately got used to cycling
The city itself as well as the whole country has made indeed a big impression on me. Groningen is a multicultural student city: apart from the UG which has itself several buildings, there is a so-called hogeschool Hanze University of Applied Sciences with more than 26,000 students. I immediately got used to cycling, which is one of the landmarks of the city, especially because the bus is the only municipal local transport you can use here.
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