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Professors Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies


Buitelaar, prof. dr. M.W.Contemporary Islam
Mason, prof. dr. S.N.Ancient Medeterranean Religions and Cultures
Molendijk, prof. dr. A.L.History of Christianity, including the History of Dogma and Theology
Popovic, prof. dr. M.Old Testament and Early Judaism
Roig Lanzillotta, prof. dr. F.L.New Testament and Early Christianity
Stuckrad, prof. dr. C.K.M. vonEndowed Chair in Science of Religion

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Jedan, prof. dr. C.Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
Weir, prof. dr. T.H.History of Christianity

Professors by special appointment

Belt, prof. dr. H. van denReformed Theology: Sources, Development and Context, endowed by Bureau Gereformeerde Bond
Benjamins, prof. dr. H.S.Liberal Theology: Development and Influence from the 19th Century till Today, endowed by Vereniging van Vrijzinnige Protestanten
Paul, prof. dr. H.J.Secularization Studies, endowed by Zendingsorganen IZB - GZB
Ridder, prof. dr. ir. G.J. deChristian Philosophy, endowed by Stichting Christelijke Filosofie
Ruiten, prof. dr. J.T.A.G.M. vanReception History of the Bible: Historical Hermeneutics, endowed by Stichting Groninger Universiteitsfonds
Slot, prof. dr. E. van 'tSystematic Theology and Ecclesiology in the 21st Century, endowed by Confessionele vereniging
Zock, prof. dr. T.H.Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the area of Spiritual Care, endowed by Katholiek Studiecentrum voor Geestelijke Volksgezondheid

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

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