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About us Professors

Professors Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies


Buitelaar, prof. dr. M.W.Contemporary Islam
Jedan, C., Prof DrEthics and Philosophy of Religion
Molendijk, prof. dr. A.L.History of Christianity, including the History of Dogma and Theology
Popovic, prof. dr. M.Old Testament and Early Judaism
Roig Lanzillotta, F.L., Prof DrNew Testament and Early Christianity
Stuckrad, C.K.M. von, Prof DrEndowed Chair in Science of Religion
Wilson, E.K., Prof DrPolitics and Religion

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Muthert, prof. dr. J.K.Psychology of Religion (with special attention) spiritual care and wellbeing
Weir, T.H., Prof DrHistory of Christianity

Professors by special appointment

Ridder, prof. dr. ir. G.J. deChristian Philosophy, endowed by ST CF

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

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