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Dispute resolution

Disputes may arise regarding the manner in which the government exercises its public law duties and powers. These disputes can pertain to government decisions, such as the issuance of licenses, imposition of administrative fines, or granting of subsidies, as well as other government actions.

Various procedures exist to resolve administrative law disputes. Legal provisions outline the processes for proceedings in administrative courts, civil courts, and complaint procedures. Additionally, alternative forms of dispute resolution are available, where the parties involved seek solutions themselves through informal approaches such as objections, mediation, or settlement.

At our department, we undertake research on dispute resolution from different disciplinary perspectives, including law, public administration, and sociology. From an administrative law standpoint, we are particularly interested in examining questions related to access to justice, the level of judicial review intensity, and the procedural design, which involves balancing the need for speed with thoroughness.

Furthermore, our research focuses on the practical functioning of dispute resolution procedures, such as the quality of objection procedures, and identifying best practices that can contribute to accessible, early, and equitable resolution of disputes between citizens and administrative bodies.

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