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Deletion of grade

Pass grade

The Board of Examiners offers, under certain circumstance, the possibility of retaking an examination which has already been successfully passed.


  • The option can only be used for only one examination per academic year.
  • You need to apply to the Board of Examiners for this deletion within three (3) days after the result of the examination is published. You can do so by using the form‘deletion grade’.
  • The grade cannot be for a (research) seminar, practical or thesis (both Research Colloquium and Master’s thesis). A pass grade for such courses cannot be deleted.


  • The grade is deleted from the administration. This deletion is final; the examination is supposed not to have been taken. You cannot rescind this decision.
  • The last grade is the final grade: the result of the repeated examination will be registered in the administration.
  • If your grade is deleted, you are considered to have never participated in the exam. This will affect your eligibility for an aberrant examination regulation
  • For block 1, 2, and 3 courses, you need to register yourself for the resit of the course in week 5 of the adjacent block.
  • In block 4 you will be enrolled for the resit. However, please be aware: the Faculty cannotguarantee that the room will have sufficient capacity to include you. This risk is all yours.

You must be able to show the decision of the Board of Examiners as proof of registration.

What are the options if the original grade is raised during the post mortem?

If during the post mortem of the examination of which you have had your grade deleted your grade is raised, you can request the examiner to pass this result on to the Examination Administration as to make the grade count as an official examination. Your request to have your grade deleted will then be declared null and void (according to Article 9.14.3 TER LLB programme International and European Law or Article 4.9.3 TER LLM programmes).

Participation in the resit examination

You can register for the resit of block 1, 2, and 3 courses during the repair possibility-week inweek 5of the adjacent block. For courses in block 4 this option does not exist. As a result of this, you will be granted admission to participation in the resit examination in block 4 next to your grade deletion. The Faculty cannot guarantee sufficient capacity in the examination room for the resit.

Fail grade

Fail grades cannot be deleted from your list.

You can request the International Office for a so-called ’clean’ transcript. Such transcripts only hold the pass grades.

Last update: 21-7-2023

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