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Innovative inhaler: the Novolizer

23 April 2010

Dr Anne de Boer and Prof. Erik Frijlink have developed an innovative powder inhaler that can be used for drugs to combat asthma and COPD, and which has many advantages over the current generation of inhalers. Their design is the result of years of exhaustive research into administering drugs into the airways. The new inhaler, the Novolizer, allows the medicine to penetrate more deeply into the lungs . This not only makes it more effective, but it also cuts down on side-effects. Patients find the Novolizer much easier to use as it emits a signal telling them when they have inhaled properly.

On the global market

The Novolizer is now on sale on the global market and the number of asthma and COPD drugs for which it can be used will soon be increased. Various pharmaceutical companies are involved in its further development. In addition, De Boer and Frijlink and their team of specialists are currently working on a special disposable inhaler (the Twincer ) for administering drugs for conditions such as cystic fibrosis and tuberculosis. The pharmaceutical industry is already keenly anticipating this new inhaler, as it is also suitable for administering flu jabs and vaccinations against various other infectious diseases. It is thought that the Twincer will be available for use by patients in just a few years.

On 21 April 2010, Anne de Boer and Erik Frijlink were awarded the Wubbo Ockels prize for the successful development of this innovative Novolizer inhaler.

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