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Prof. Taxis partner in European Happy Patient project

25 January 2021

Prof. Katja Taxis of the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy ( GRIP ) is partner in the EU Happy Patient project aimed at researching doctor-patient strategies to reduce inappropriate antibiotic consumption. The 3-year project’s consortium consists of 16 scientific, university and clinical organizations. They will generate studies, research and training materials in order to prevent the incorrect and excessive prescription of antibiotics at various levels of care.

Professionals and patients will be the targeted audience for interventions and for monitoring the effects before and after the intervention. Family doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists working in general practice, out of hours services, nursing homes and community pharmacies will participate. The five target countries for the project are Spain, France, Poland and Greece that hold the highest positions in the European antibiotic consumption statistics, and Lithuania, whose consumption data is at the lowest part of the scope.

Prof. Taxis' project has been awarded EUR 171,000 for her part of the project. She will focus on the adaptation of EU Guidelines for pharmacies in the target countries.

Europe and Antibiotics

The current misuse of antibiotics in many European countries is one of the biggest threats to western societies. The World Health Organization (WHO) Europe Region has been warning for years of the rise of antimicrobial resistance, and the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed its position. According to the available data provided by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, (ECDC) up to 33,000 people die every year in Europe as a direct consequence of the misuse of antibiotics.

Happy Patien project
Happy Patien project
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