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Prof. Rudolf partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant

08 September 2020

Prof. Petra Rudolf of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM) is partner in a consortium that received a H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant worth just above EUR 4 million. The grant is for the STiBNite project: ‘ Tailored materials for Sustainable Technologies: programming functional molecular components through Boron-Nitrogen doping’. This project aims to promote the development of the next-generation of tailored BN-doped macromolecular organic semiconductor materials.

With the project, Early-Stage Researchers (PhDs) will receive an intensive training in the field of organic synthesis, materials science, surface science, materials characterization, modelling and device engineering. All with the goal to shape researchers that have been exposed to the development of bottom-up BN-doping strategies going all the way from the design of these new semiconducturs to applications such as flexible optoelectronic devices (light-emitting electrochemical cells, photovoltaic cells, organic field effect transistors, electrochromic displays), and thermal management coatings. The consortium consists of seven academic and three industrial partners. The University of Vienna is coordinator.

Prof. Rudolf receives EUR 265,000 for her part in the project. Her focus will be on Boron-Nitrogen-Carbon (BNC) architectures on metal and insulator surfaces produced from self-assembled monolayers, through photopolymerization and thermal conversion. The PhD student of Rudolf will fabricate the BNC architectures and characterize them by different spectroscopies to determine composition, bonding environments, and electronic structure.

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