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Prof. Avraamidou and Dr. Van Vugt receive ERASMUS+ grant

18 September 2020

Prof. Lucy Avraamidou of the Institute for Science Education and Communication ( ISEC ) and Dr. Marieke van Vugt of the Bernoulli Institute have received an ERASMUS+ grant. Erasmus+ provides grants for activities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. It offers opportunities for individuals and organizations and supports teaching, research, networking and policy debate on EU topics.

'Generation AI'

Prof. Avraamidou, in collaboration with Prof. Dimka Karastoyanova of the Bernoulli Institute and with support from Science LinX, receives the grant for the project ‘GENERATION AI’. The aim of this project is to support teachers and young learners in developing an evidence-based understanding of the complexities and basic principles of artificial intelligence (AI) and how they can be integrated in teaching learning. The UG is coordinator of this project, which consists of six partners from the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. The total grant is worth EUR 275,440, of which EUR 62,640 is for the UG.

'TECT – Training in Embodied Critical Thinking'

Dr. Van Vugt receives the grant for the project ‘TECT – Training in Embodied Critical Thinking’. In this project, philosophers, computer scientists, cognitive scientists and environmental designers get together to think about how to teach critical thinking and how to connect it to personal and societal transformation. The programs funded by the grant will be online education, three summer schools (one at the UG) and individual research projects. The University of Iceland coordinates this project and other partners are University of Applied Sciences Jena, University of Ljubljana, Technion Haifa and ETH Zurich. The total grant is EUR 245,444, of which EUR 48,974 is for the UG.

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