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Can we democratise choice environments?

The power to nudge: can we democratise choice environments?

Datum:22 februari 2018
Auteur:Andreas Schmidt

Behavioural science shows how we systematically diverge from the ideal of rational choice familiar from economics textbooks. What does this imply for public policy? One conclusion is that public policy should shed unrealistic models of human agency. While information campaigns,...

Milton Friedman

Should Unilever Be “Serving Society and the Planet”?

Datum:12 februari 2018
Auteur:Frank Hindriks

The theme of the meeting of the World Economic Forum held at Davos towards the end of January was Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World, which is obviously a laudable ambition. At this meeting, Unilever made “five big announcements” that fit this ambition...

A case of lost and found

E meets P & P: a Case of Lost and Found

Datum:26 mei 2017
Auteur:Harry Garretsen

In much of modern or mainstream economics as it developed after WWII,  the economist is looked upon as a kind of engineer.  Free of  judgements of value, the economist only looks at the hard facts and leaves any normative judgement to others, notably to politicians...

Rasmus Wiese and Richard Jong-A-Pin

Why bother voting anyway?

Datum:25 april 2017
Auteur:Richard Jong-A-Pin and Rasmus Wiese

Economists Richard Jong-A-Pin and Rasmus Wiese of the University of Groningen's Faculty of Economics and Business describe how moral beliefs, not just monetary considerations, guide voters to take part in elections.

Happy Birthday Miss Europe

Happy Birthday Miss Europe 1957 – 2017

Datum:25 maart 2017
Auteur:Chiara Lisciandra

Today, Saturday 25th March, we celebrate the 60th birthday of Europe. Lets blow the candles and make a wishor two.

Is pornography a bad thing?

Pornography as propaganda: feminist pornography and egalitarian values

Datum:23 maart 2017
Auteur:Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Pornography has always existed; for almost as long as we have pictorial representations of people, we have pictorial representations of people engaging in sexual activities. The walls of Pompeii’s brothel are famously covered with erotic paintings, and erotic...

Crowd at Trump campaign

‘The people’ and ‘the elite’: populist slogans as categories of social analysis

Datum:21 februari 2017
Auteur:Lodi Nauta

"The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves." Thus spoke Justin Trudeau on his visit to the White House, walking a fine line between criticizing Trump's ban on immigration and not...

Martin Schulz and Angela Merkel

When people don’t like their president – how to choose candidates for highest office

Datum:06 februari 2017
Auteur:Andreas T. Schmidt

The US elections last year were historically remarkable for many reasons, one of which is that it presented American voters with a choice between two historically unpopular candidates. No surprise then that the chosen president started with record low approval...

President-Elect Donald Trump

Trump in the White House

Datum:18 januari 2017
Auteur:Christine Straehle

This Friday, January 20th, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as US President. Much has been written since his unforeseen election to the White House. There have been at least two distinct reactions: First, there are those who ridicule ‘Trump Voters’, and who...