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Keith Stenning: What is it to Know a Logic?

Lecture by Prof Keith Stenning (University of Edinburgh), organized by the Dpt of Theoretical Philosophy


The psychology of reasoning spent four decades denying that people had any mental access to classical logic, whilst serruptitiously using classical logic as a universal standard of reasoning, and producing theories of human reasoning processes which are essentially theorem provers for fragments of classical logic.  Logicians, understandably, largely left them to it. 

The field has now taken a lurch toward probability theory as the new universal basis for human reasoning. But what should have been the guiding question still remains: What is it to know a logic?

This talk explores the question and illustrates with some early results of experimental investigations into peoples' access to the consequence relation of the syllogism. The argument of the talk extends the argument of Stenning and Van Lambalgen 2008 that any satifactory cognitive theory of reasoning needs to assume access to multiple logics.

Wed 7 March, 15.15 - 17.00
Faculty of Philosophy Groningen

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