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Karianne Marx and Beth Lord on Early Critics of Kant

Reinhold’s Historical Turn in Philosophy

Dr. Karianne Marx, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In his Briefe über die Kantische Philosophie Reinhold presented the Kantian philosophy in a way that made him a philosophical celebrity overnight. Whereas his subsequent criticism of Kant in relation to Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre was long deemed the most relevant aspect of Reinhold’s philosophy, over the last years his thoughts on the history of philosophy have attracted more scholarly attention. In this paper I will point out the originality of the approach to philosophy and its history that Reinhold developed in relation to his reception of Kant.  

Karianne Marx studied Philosophy and History in Utrecht. In 2010 she obtained her PhD from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, with a dissertation on Reinhold’s reception of Kant.

Kant’s Response to Maimon

Dr. Beth Lord, University of Dundee

Kant believed Solomon Maimon to be one of his most profound readers and the opponent who understood him best. Maimon's criticism of Kant (in his Versuch über die Transzendental-philosophie) proceeds through a unique combination of Leibnizian and Spinozist metaphysics. It was celebrated by the post-Kantian idealists and, more recently, taken up by Gilles Deleuze. In the first half of this paper I will explain some aspects of Maimon's Spinozistic critique of Kant. In the second half I will argue that Kant's response to the problems Maimon raises can be found in the Critique of Judgment.

Beth Lord is Lecturer at the Philosophy Department of the University of Dundee. She is the author of Spinoza's Ethics: An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide (2010) and Kant and Spinozism: Transcendental Idealism and Immanence from Jacobi to Deleuze (2010).

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