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What’s so Democratic about Cosmopolitan Democracy?

 A Republican Critique
Public lecture organised by the section Practical Philosophy

What’s so Democratic about Cosmopolitan Democracy? A Republican Critique
by Robin Celikates (University of Amsterdam)

In my talk I will first distinguish three varieties of cosmopolitanism (cultural, moral and global-justice cosmopolitanism) and criticize them for using the label of cosmopolitanism in a largely metaphorical way, thereby missing its political point. I then discuss the more directly political discourse on cosmopolitan democracy and criticize the minimalist (constitutionalist) notion of democracy that underlies it. Finally, I turn to notions of participatory and radical democracy and to a republican understanding of citizenship in order to sketch an alternative approach that focuses on social and political struggles for a democratization of the global order from below.

Robin Celikates is Associate Professor (UHD) of Political and Social Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. After having studied philosophy and political science in Berlin, Potsdam and New York he taught at several German universities, most recently in Frankfurt am Main, where he is still an associated member of the Institut für Sozialforschung. His main areas of interest include critical theory, democratic theory and the philosophy of the social sciences. He is the author of Kritik als soziale Praxis (Campus, 2009) and has co-edited Philosophie der Moral (Suhrkamp, 2009) as well as Socialité et reconnaissance (L’Harmattan, 2007). Currently he is working on civil disobedience, political freedom, recognition and collective action.
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