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Workshop: Human Dignity in Kant and Kantianism

Organizer: Pauline Kleingeld, University of Groningen.
Speakers: Jan-Willem van der Rijt (University of Amsterdam), Jochen Bojanowski (University of Groningen), Marcus Düwell (Utrecht University), and Oliver Sensen (Tulane University/MIT).

The concept of ‘human dignity’ plays an enormously important role, morally, culturally, and politically. Respect for human dignity is used as a basic principle of state constitutions, international conventions, and human rights law, and it is said to impose a moral constraint on our actions. Its content is hardly ever described with precision, however, and moral theorists devote significantly less attention to the concept than one would expect, given these prominent roles.

Immanuel Kant’s work is the primary point of reference for current conceptions of human dignity, but there is crucial disagreement about the precise meaning and role of the concept of human dignity in his work. These disagreements are reflected in the variety of existing contemporary Kantian views on human dignity.

This workshop is organized on the occasion of the publication of the first comprehensive discussion of Kant’s conception of human dignity: Oliver Sensen’s Kant on Human Dignity (2011). The presentations during this workshop address the content, justification, philosophical significance, and contemporary relevance of Kant’s and contemporary Kantian defenses of human dignity.

Full program (link works properly now!)

Attendance is free and open to all. If you would like to attend, please register by sending an email message to Pauline Kleingeld

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