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Workshop: Kant on Method as a Demarcation of the Sciences

May 30-31, 2011

Speakers include:

Dr. Birgitta-Sophie von Wolff-Metternich (Heidelberg)
Dr. Arnaud Pelletier (Hannover)

Already in his Prize Essay of 1764 Kant opposed the Leibnizian-Wolffian tradition by arguing that the methodology of mathematics is not suitable for disciplines such as philosophy. The Critique of Pure Reason demarcates philosophy from mathematics along the same lines. Kant's contrast between traditional philosophy as analysis of concepts and mathematics as a priori synthesis of concepts is relatively clear. Yet this cannot be said of the way in which the first Critique conceives of the relation between general logic, special logics, transcendental logic, transcendental philosophy, and the sciences. Traditionally, disciplines were often distinguished by their object or domain of investigation. By contrast, Kant's demarcation of mathematics and philosophy seems to concern the methods these disciplines employ. To which extent does Kant's methodological approach replace the traditional way of demarcating the various disciplines? What is the precise nature of Kant's distinction between general, transcendental, and special logic? To what extent do the differences between the disciplines stem from the specific cognitive faculties involved in them? Do philosophy and the sciences depend on logic (of some sort) for their method and, if so, for their method alone?

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Organizing Committee
Dr. Karin de Boer
Drs. Johan Blok
Drs. Job Zinkstok
Prof. dr. Detlev Pätzold
Prof. dr. Pauline Kleingeld

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