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Irresponsible Equality

Lecture by Bart Streumer organized by the Dep of Ethics


In this talk, I will first outline and defend an argument against the existence of moral responsibility. I will then show that this argument enables us to defend a Rawlsian version of egalitarianism, according to which justice permits inequalities only if they make the worst off members of society better off than they would otherwise be. I will end by outlining the practical implications of my defence of this view.

Bart Streumer

Bart Streumer is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of Reading. He was previously a research fellow at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, a graduate student at Reading, and an undergraduate at the University of Groningen. He has published papers in journals such as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. He is currently completing a book in which he defends an error theory about all normative judgements.

When & Where?

Wed 27 Feb '13, 15.15
Room Omega, Fac of Philosophy

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