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Geerdink, X.H.J.S.

Auteur: Xavier Geerdink

Afstudeerjaar: 2012
Vakgroep: Ethiek
Titel: The immorality of smoking


Usually, the ethical issues of smoking are treated in terms of the harmful effects on other people. In his master thesis, Xavier Geerdink discusses an unusual point of view. He demonstrates that smoking cigarettes can be immoral for egoistic reasons. He follows the version of rational egoism developed by the philosopher Tara Smith. Characteristic of this theory is an enriched notion of self-interest as a form of long-term human flourishing, in both psychological and material dimensions.

This view is then applied to four effects of smoking cigarettes. It turns out that smoking cigarettes is incompatible with important egoistic values such as self-esteem, a productive life and rationality. Accordingly, smokers are said to violate their moral duties, for reasons that have no bearing on other people whatsoever. His analysis is within the field of practical philosophy and ethics.

This master thesis is of interest to people who would like to attain a better understanding of a contemporary philosophical version of rational egoism. By applying the egoistic virtues this study provides a fresh grasp of the moral issues surrounding smoking. Therefore this study is also of value for people working in tobacco research with an interest in the ethical aspects of smoking.
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