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Boven, F.

History of Philosophy

Cultural Citizenship: An Integrative Agenda for a Transdisciplinary Debate

The starting point for this thesis is a problem situation in the Netherlands: doubts have been raised as to whether 'culture' in the Netherlands contributes in the right way and degree to the functioning of citizens. This situation is described as a problem of 'cultural citizenship': an 'essentially contested' concept that points to some interaction between culture and citizenship, but leaves it open to interpretation what this interaction is. This flexibility allows the concept to open up a transdisciplinary debate that involves various fields and paradigms. The thesis aims to offer a research agenda for such a debate.

An integrative research agenda on cultural citizenship is formulated in two steps. First, seven authors from various fields and paradigms are discussed: the Dutch Council for Culture, Renato Rosaldo, Nick Stevenson, Paul Scheffer, Will Kymlicka, Jeffrey Al-exander and Paul Ricoeur. For each of these authors research questions are formulated that reflect their work, 78 in total. Second, the research questions are reworked in a more structured and shorter list of 12 questions with sub questions.

The final result is a single normative question that integrates insights from all authors and that identifies three normative principles that should guide interventions in the Dutch problem situation: (1) make culture equally accessible to all citizens; (2) pro-tect the richness and viability of culture; (3) balance unity and diversity.

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