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Mazijk, C.M.A. van

Vakgroep Geschiedenis van de Filosofie

Passivity, Activity and Non-Conceptual Content in Husserl's 'Genealogy of Logic'

In this paper I develop a new position with respect to Husserl’s later views on the role of concepts in receptive experience. Unlike other approaches, my main point of focus will be the different kinds of passivity and activity Husserl makes use of in Erfahrung und Urteil.

The major part of this paper attempts to separate various kinds of activity and passivity, arguing that certain notions of activity are necessarily integrated in receptive experience while there must similarly be passive elements in conceptual activity. By doing this, I create space to argue that for the later Husserl conceptual activity as but one kind of activity is not necessarily integrated in receptive experience.

On the basis of these considerations, I then argue against conceptualist interpretations of Husserl here represented by Barber (2008) and Mooney (2010). I conclude that although different kinds of activity can be found in the receptive domain, conceptual activity is not one of them.

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