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Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (b)

Combined with: Psychology
A pull towards Philosophy

Already before I started my original studies of psychology, I was interested in philosophy. Even though I firstly opted for psychology, my interest in reflecting and questioning fundamental issues did not go away. I was very pleased when my original bachelor left me the opportunity to take a minor in philosophy. Immediately, I was excited about ethics and philosophy of science. Where ethics showed me how there are tons of questions that science cannot answer, philosophy of science taught me some good arguments for critically questioning my own scientific discipline. Without a doubt, this philosophical mindset was an addition to my toolbox as a scientist as well as all my round reasoning. I wanted more of it!

Ruben Mul
Ruben Mul
Master Philosophy of a Specific Discipline

Luckily, I could easily start with the one-year philosophy part of the bachelor, after which I moved on into the master Philosophy of a Specific Discipline. This programme which I’m in now leaves me the opportunity to choose the courses that fit my own discipline. Furthermore, the programme contains writing two papers on a self-chosen subject. I was surprised to hear that I could even write about Buddhist non-self theories, so I did. Another part of the master contains writing a popular philosophical report of three different colloquia (attended at different faculties) associated with your own scientific discipline, meaning psychology in my case.

Finally, you will write a master thesis, in which you write a philosophical thesis that is linked to your scientific discipline. You will contact a supervisor that suits your subject the most, as well as a supervisor from the department of your combination studies. In collaboration you will work on a self-chosen philosophical question regarding both disciplines.

Freedom and support

Philosophy of a Specific Discipline leaves me the freedom that I need in order to pursue my interests within philosophy as well as making a proper link with my scientific field. This means that you are responsible for your own results and you have to show initiative. Yet, considering the willingness and support I experienced from the teachers, I find that this programme gives me the opportunity to develop myself as a scientist with a substantiated vision.


If you have any questions about this programme, please contact Ruben via E-mail at:
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