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Philosophy of a Specific Discipline (a)

combined with: Strategic Innovation Management

My name is Siebe Rozendal, I'm 24 years old and study Philosophy of a Specific Discipline together with Strategic Innovation Management. I chose this programme because I am very curious, and wanted to put my main studies (and career) in a bigger perspective. It is definitely helping with that!

Siebe Rozendal
Siebe Rozendal

In the programme of philosophy of a specific discipline I have a lot of freedom in choosing my courses and topics of interest. The two tutorials (2 times 5 EC) and the colloquia (another 5 EC) have given me the opportunity to pursue questions that I could not pursue in my main studies. Also within the courses, there is plenty of freedom to connect your essay topic to something of your own interest. This makes the programme very intellectually satisfying!


I believe that philosophy and wisdom are very important, and should be more widespread to address the challenges our societies face. However, philosophy has a low reputation on the job market. I believe that is partly undeserved and employers underestimate philosophers’ value, but I also believe philosophers benefit from more applied subjects. This programme addresses both challenges, and both studies complement each other.

Broadly applicable skills

During this studies, I am learning skills that are useful in many different settings: making concepts precise, recognising and questioning assumptions, and argumentation more broadly. It remains a challenge to apply these skills to relevant problems, and to convey their worth to employers.


If you have any questions about this master, or about studying in Groningen? Feel free to ask! I’d also be happy to drink a coffee with you. My e-mail is

Here’s my LinkedIn profile .

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