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Hi all! I am Maaike, a Masters student in Philosophy. After my bachelor in Philosophy at the University of Groningen, I found it difficult to choose the right master's. I liked almost all my bachelor classes, so I decided to choose the regular philosophy master, which fits well with a broad interest in philosophy.

Maaike Korpershoek
Maaike Korpershoek

Within this master's programme, you are free to choose the courses you like most. There is a wide choice of different courses in history of philosophy, theoretical philosophy, ethics, social and political philosophy. Although you choose one specific specialisation, you are free to follow courses of other interests as well.

What I specifically like about the philosophy master's in Groningen is the small faculty. The teachers are very approachable, which makes it easy to ask questions. A small faculty also means small classes, in which discussion is much appreciated.

Your exams are always essays. This makes it easy to focus on your main topic of interest. In this way you can get the most out of every course. Since you discuss your essay topic with other students, you can help each other, which greatly improves your own essay.

You’ll learn a lot of skills during the philosophy master. The most important ones are analytical thinking, questioning assumptions, analysing arguments, critical reading and writing. Al these skills are applicable to the rest of your career, whether this is in philosophy or not.

I enjoy studying philosophy in Groningen very much. Beside the fact that this study is really nice, the city is as well. I would therefore recommend everyone to do a masters degree in philosophy in Groningen!

If you’d like to know more about the philosophy master's, or if you have general questions about studying at the University of Groningen, please let me know by sending me an email on

Last modified:16 February 2018 11.18 a.m.