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Center for Information Technology Video service Collaboration

Why use video collaboration?

Video collaboration means working together and discussing through the means of video. Collaboration can be used in a variety of different ways, many of which are available online. In case you would like to meet with (fellow) students or as a teacher want to explain something, it can be convenient if you do not have to meet in person. Video provides the perfect solution for this and there are various possibilities for you to explore.

Example 1: Guest lecture

When a lecturer from outside the RUG is to give a guest lecture remotely there are a number of possibilities.

  • Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard Collaborate is a part of Blackboard and is available in Nestor. This means that a Nestor account is required for using this tool. Blackboard Collaborate makes it possible to set up an interactive lecture from home with students. Lectures or seminars are possible both with or without video. The lecturer can divide students up in groups to give specific feedback or have a general lecture. There is an automatic recording that can be disclosed afterwards.
  • In addition there are software packages such as BlueJeans and Adobe Connect available by request. This software works in the web browser on any desired device (laptop, tablet and phone) and works especially well for external teachers or students (such as high-school students or students from another university). It is also possible to have so-called webinars (online seminars) on a larger scale.

Example 2: Cooperation

A group of student has to work together on a group assignment but would like a final discussion on some things without having to meet up in person. The most logical solutions for this are Skype and Google Hangouts.

Example 3: Business meeting

Working on a project requires contact with an external company. Because of the distance and tight schedules it is not always possible to meet up in person. A viable alternative is using video conferencing to meet up remotely. There are both software packages as well as physical meeting rooms with equipment available. These rooms are outfitted with video conferencing equipment with a camera and microphone.

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