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About us Policy and strategy Privacy & Security bij de RUG

Privacy & Security and the UG

Working safely with data

We work from home or on the train, we are connected to the internet 24/7, and we share a lot of information with each other for study and research purposes. We simply do all this, often without thinking about how safe it is and whether it is permitted. Could someone be looking over your shoulder, or could malicious parties be interested in your research data? And is it even necessary to store all these personal data of a student?

Just like other companies and government organizations, the UG must comply with a variety of measures in the field of privacy and data security.

Privacy & Security maturity programme

The maturity programme for Privacy & Security was initiated to help prevent cybercrime and digital attacks from outside. The UG has deliberately opted to embed privacy and security in one single programme. After all, actions or risks in the field of security also impact privacy. The aim of the programme is to increase maturity.

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More about Privacy

Personal data

The UG processes a lot of personal data, for example from students, staff members, alumni and test subjects. The UG would be unable to provide teaching and research without processing personal data. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the UG must handle all processed personal data with care. This is also known as personal data protection.

The Board of the University has established a policy regarding the protection of personal data and included this in:

More about Security

How do we protect your data?

The University is taking measures throughout the UG network to protect both the systems and your data against threats from outside.

What measures is the UG taking?

The UG network has an open character with a view to its duties of teaching and research. However, your information, personal data, and systems have to be properly protected. We do this in many ways, from using virus scanners to 24/7 monitoring. You can also take several measures yourself.

What can you do?

It starts with conscious behaviour. About how you handle your devices, what software and apps you use, and then how you handle the information you collect, edit, share, and store. We have put together ten tips to help you make your online behaviour safer.

Acceptable Use Policy
The UG has a set of IT user rules in place for your safety, entitled the ‘Acceptable Use Policy of the University of Groningen for University Computer Systems’. These rules apply to you as a user, but also to the IT managers. They contain information about how to use your UG account safely and the conditions that all users must meet, for example, that you have to keep your own password secret and that you cannot use other people’s accounts.

Problems? Suspicions of misuse?

Contact the UG Security Team via security.cit if you suspect misuse, even if it concerns a colleague or fellow student. The Security Team will be happy to help you.

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