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About us Policy and strategy Privacy & Security bij de RUG

Do you have a Privacy & Security question?

General questions

If you have any questions, you should first consult the Privacy & Security Coordinator of your faculty or service unit.

Research questions

If you have any research questions concerning privacy & security, please contact the Digital Competence Centre.

Specific questions

If you have a more specific question, please contact the Privacy Desk (ABJZ) or the UG Security Team for IT security questions.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

At the UG, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for supervising the processing of personal data carried out by the UG. The DPO takes stock of and analyses processing operations and is involved in the handling of questions and complaints. The DPO issues advice to the UG on drafting the privacy policy, performing DPIAs, and implementing privacy-enhancing measures.

Although the DPO works for the UG, they have an independent position under the law. The UG must provide them with the means and powers that are necessary to carry out his duties properly.

You can reach the UG’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) by sending an email to fg

Annual reports FG / DPO (in Dutch)

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

The Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) of the UG is Jan-Willem Oordt. The CPO is responsible for developing and implementing the University privacy policy. This also includes the guidelines and procedures for protecting the personal data of students, staff, test subjects, and other individuals.

The CPO ensures that the faculties and service units act in accordance with this policy and that the measures are applied. He issues advice for drawing up and implementing the work plan and offers subject-specific support to the Privacy & Security Coordinators. The CPO issues advice to the Board of the University about the implementation of the DPO’s annual reports and recommendations.

The CPO issues advice about complex privacy matters, and initiates risk analyses and privacy audits. The CPO organizes awareness programmes and issues advice to the administration and management. The CPO ensures an overview of and focus on the privacy risks that are relevant within the UG. The CPO reports on his activities to the Strategic Committee for Privacy Protection and Information Security, and is employed by the department of ABJZ.

CIT Servicedesk / IRIS

Center for Information Technology (CIT)

Need help using your workspace or other CIT services? Many answers can be found online quickly and easily via Iris. Iris is the CIT’s self-service portal that is available 24 hours a day. Iris has an extensive knowledge bank that you can search. In addition, you can also ask us questions via Iris.

CIT contact details

For a quick answer to your question:


Service desks:

  • Zernike: Mercator 5415.0052
  • City centre: Harmony Building 1313.0231

050 36 33232


RUG Privacy Team

All natural persons and legal entities whose personal data the UG processes can contact the UG Privacy Team if they have any requests or complaints. The team will facilitate a timely and correct assessment, processing, and registration of reports. The Privacy Team is part of the department of ABJZ. A protocol has been drawn up for the desk.

Contact the Privacy Team via email or post:


UG Privacy Team
P.O. Box 72, 9700 AB Groningen, the Netherlands

Webpage department of ABJZ.


CIT Security team

The CIT Security team (also known as Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)) consists of specialists in the field of the primary UG IT systems. The team is coordinated by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or in his absence by the deputy security manager of the CIT.

Always report cybersecurity incidents (whether confirmed or suspected) and data breaches via: databreach

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