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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation

Virtual Reality and Visualisation

The Reality Center of the Center for Information Technology (CIT) offers unique, highly advanced Virtual Reality facilities. These facilities are used for innovative research conducted in many different fields of science. Our visualization specialists focus on visualizing data and creating interactive xR environments (virtual and augmented reality) and (custom) applications for interacting with xR/3D data. We also provide facilities and equipment for interacting with xR and 3D data, such as a 3D theatre and a VR lab.

Software development

Do you have a project for which no VR software exists so far? We can help you develop new software for your project or customize existing software. For example, you can customize popular software for visualizing molecular structures such as PyMol and VMD for use in our Reality Theatre.

By appointment, you can request an extensive demonstration of the possibilities of the VR lab and the Reality Theatre.

XR Hub

Once every two months the XR Hub organizes a meeting where teachers and researchers share knowledge in the field of Extended Reality (XR).


If you want to learn more about the possibilities of using 3D visualization and Virtual Reality in your research or education, check out our portfolio and video showreel of the visualization experts. This gives a good impression of the possibilities.

Want to know more about our services? Contact us!

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