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XR HUB May 23: The Virtual Seaport Designer and the virtual classroom manager

13 May 2024

In this edition of the XR HUB a contribution from Groningen Seaports about the use of VR in the development and design of the Eemshaven and the port of Delfzijl. In the field of VR applications in education, the VR Classroom Manager that is being developed at TU Delft will be discussed.

Location and time

  • The XR-HUB will take place at the Smitsborg, Nettelbosje 1, Groningen.
  • The meeting starts at 10:30 AM and lasts until noon.
  • After the plenary session there will be demos of the projects discussed in the XR lab. The plenary session can also be followed via a stream (link to follow).

Language: English

Sign up

You can sign up by sending an email to realitycenter


> Welcome and introduction


> De Virtual Seaport Designer: application of VR at Groningen Seaports | Wisse Hummel, Groningen Seaports
Groningen Seaports has been using the services of the CIT since 2005. Partly due to the knowledge of the Visualization team at the CIT, the Virtual Seaport Designer (VSD) has grown into a flexible, widely applicable and interactive communication tool that approximates reality. A virtual sightseeing flight through the Groningen seaports is not only useful and distinctive, but is also a very nice experience. The VSD is of added value, especially for group receptions or for (potential) customers of Groningen Seaports, but we are also open to further encouraging the use of our model in education or research.


> VR Classroom Manager | Huu Dat Nguyen, XR Zone, New Media Centre, TU Delft
The classroom manager is a VR application that allows future teachers to practice their role. The teacher is in a digital classroom with digital avatars (students) who work independently. As a teacher, the intention is to keep order in the classroom by intervening where necessary. The teacher can intervene by saying something to the students and the students can respond to it. The teacher's actions are assessed in various ways with input values ​​such as direction of view and distance to the student. AI (Large Language Models) is used to help with classification. The developers are currently working on measuring more things such as facial expression and body posture.

> Demo Tilt Five: 'AR with glasses and a gameboard' | Christian Hilbrands, Center for Information Technology


The XR Hub organizes bi-monthly meetings for faculty and researchers at the University of Groningen to share knowledge and experiences on the development and use of applications of Extended Reality: augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D.

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